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Video Highlights OurREACH™ Tool To Equip Providers and Empower Families

Please scroll down to click on our video! As we at Lambent Data have been working with leaders at non-profit organizations to discuss potential pilots, we're highlighting the features of OurREACH™, including how it's been refined through these conversations over the past months. This collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics, focuses on equipping social service and healthcare providers -- and empowering the families they serve.

This tool extends existing case management tools and focuses on a pathway to outcomes, through goal-setting, resources, and other features that undergird the relationship between mentor/case manager and the family member. OurREACHaddresses health, housing, jobs, education & child development, to improve family outcomes & reduce organizational and healthcare costs. It also generates data and data analytics to help providers improve their programs.

Lambent Data recently debuted this video to illustrate the value of the tool for social service and healthcare providers and for families. These families include the 2 in 5 people in the U.S. who live at or below the threshold of "just making ends meet" (the "ALICE" Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed threshold identified initially by United Way).

The COVID-19 pandemic and related economic crisis have highlighted the need for this tool, which will continue to be valuable ahead even beyond these crises. It will be free to families, as the business model is Software as a Service to which the social service and healthcare providers will subscribe. Employers can also provide the tool for their employees. We're excited to have strong traction to launch our tool later in 2020 with pilot organizations and their families. Please contact Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair at for more information about participating in pilots and/or investing in Lambent Data. Many thanks.


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