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Lambent Data™ focuses on HIPAA-compliant technology to engage families & individuals in managing their health & social drivers of health, in collaboration with healthcare & social service providers & payors to improve outcomes & efficiencies. These improved outcomes also can lead to reduced healthcare costs. 

The Problem

Ways to engage clients and patients remotely are more important than ever, including to empower them further in managing their health and overcoming obstacles to their health and that of their families.  

A) Social drivers of health (also called social determinants of health), such as housing, jobs, education, financial literacy, etc.) are key influencers (and can be obstacles) affecting people's well-being, whether they are children, teens or older.  

B) Social drivers can also affect people’s chronic conditions (diabetes, hypertension, asthma), which have exacerbated people’s severity of COVID-19 symptoms and unfortunately deaths. 

C)  Social drivers also affect “medical non-compliance” (taking medications as prescribed), which costs $100 billion annually in the U.S.  They also affect "uncompensated costs" (over $42 billion annually). 

D) As hospitals experience surges of critically ill patients, keeping other patients relatively healthy and out of hospitals also becomes more critical, both now and in the future with any other "surge" or in general.

E) Improved outcomes also mean fewer Emergency Room visits, shorter hospital stays, less need for medication, etc. These reduced healthcare costs are very important for providers & payors  in value-based care. 

Our Solution

We develop user-friendly, innovative software and powerful data analytics to tackle the needs of families, healthcare providers, and social service practitioners -- thus improving the health of children and adults. We are able to integrate with Epic, Cerner and other Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, as well as Salesforce and other Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems for social service agencies. We do this through our integration with Redox, the leading interoperability platform.   

The Problem

Lambent Data’s team members bring decades of complementary expertise in entrepreneurial business and non-profit management, healthcare, software development, data science, child well-being, behavioral science, and consulting.

Our Team

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