Lambent Data™ focuses on platforms and processes

to improve efficiencies and mobilize collaboration

among practitioners, researchers, and families,

to help families improve outcomes.

Scope of Challenge

  • Many children in the U.S. begin life with significant obstacles.

    • In 2016, over 15 million children aged 0-9 (44% of all children in the U.S.) were low-income (21% below poverty & 23% near poverty)

    • Over half of children enter Kindergarten lacking various skills to thrive.  

    • 2.5 million children experience homelessness each year.

    • Nearly 35% of all homeless people in the U.S. are families with children.

    • The cost of prenatal and postpartum anxiety/depression for births in 2017 was $14.6 billion. 

  • Social service providers work to help families to overcome these obstacles and improve health, education, and economic outcomes. These include: 

    • ~218,000 non-profits​

    • over 89,000 government agencies (local, state, federal)

    • many of the over 340,000 faith congregations

  • Over 65 million people (1 in 5) receive social services.

The Problem

Robust data tools are lacking to fully help families and practitioners in early childhood development and other social service arenas. This leads to inefficiencies, lagging outcomes, and additional stresses for practitioners and families.

Our Solution

We develop user-friendly, innovative software and powerful data analytics to tackle the needs of families and practitioners, thus improving the health of children and adults. 

Our Team

Lambent Data’s team members bring decades of expertise in entrepreneurial business and non-profit management, data science, child well-being, behavioral science, and consulting.

+1 (862) 294-0885 | info@lambentdata.com

252 Nassau Street, 2nd Floor, Princeton, NJ 08542​

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