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Many Thanks to our Winter '21-'22 Interns

Thanks so very much to our Winter 2021-22 Interns -- Justin Cai, Jane Castleman, Rishika Deshide, Liz Garcia, Michelle Liu, Ankhitha Manjunatha and Lauren Maynard! They've been contributing their creativity, energy, wonderful skills and inspiring dedication to Lambent's work and impact! During their Internships, they have also been learning about how feedback from software users is incorporated into refining and building features of Lambent's OurREACH™ collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics. They've also learned more about many other aspects of entrepreneurship in a social impact company and have expressed excitement about the current and future impact of their work for families and healthcare/social service practitioners.

As the Internships were virtual, the Interns, staff and others used a variety of ways to communicate, including video (Zoom and Google Meet) meetings, phone calls, Slack, Jira, Trello, Google Suite, and other technical tools. In addition to interacting with the Lambent Data management team members and other relevant people throughout the Internships, they also engaged with Lambent Board members and Advisors during a Zoom "Reflection Gathering" on January 21, 2022. The Zoom photo below is from an "Interns and Staff" meeting on January 18, 2022.

See to read their bios. Previous Interns are featured on Many thanks again to the Princeton University Center for Career Development for organizing this great Princeternship program and other initiatives. The Center's terrific staff and valuable programs promoting opportunities for students and alumni are very helpful! And again -- many thanks to the Interns for advancing Lambent's work and impact, while learning more about social impact entrepreneurship!


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