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Lambent Data Selected to Pitch at NJ Tech Council's Venture Conference 2019

Lambent Data has been chosen to pitch at the NJ Tech Council's Venture Conference 2019 on April 11 in Newark, expected to attract over 1,000 registrants.  Lambent, co-founded by Joe Studholme (Princeton '84) and Kirsten Hund Blair (Princeton '84, Harvard Business School '89, Harvard Kennedy School '89), works to improve child and family well-being through user-friendly software and data analytics.

Its first product, OurVisit™, in the prototype design phase, is a collaborative software platform/app for social services agencies and the families they serve.  CEO Blair notes, "We began building this innovative tool for the arena of "home visiting" for families with babies through pre-schoolers. Home visiting is an evidence-based way to boost outcomes for children and families, especially those who are low-income and facing many other challenges. However, the product will also be valuable in other arenas, for practitioners and families with children with special needs, foster children, addiction challenges, and other needs. We're seeking advice and funding, via investors, accelerators, and foundations." 

Lambent Data, located at Tigerlabs at 252 Nassau St. in Princeton, also is engaging other Princeton alumni, including CTO Ted Nadeau '87, Chief Data Scientist Philip Baldwin '82 (Univ. of Illinois Ph.D. '87), and seven Princeton undergraduates.  See for a list of the undergrads (most of whom were Princeterns) and info about their contributions.

At the Venture Conference 2019, Lambent and other entrepreneurs who will be pitching will each have a display table. Prominent speakers and a reception will also be part of the conference, which will occur 2 pm - 7:30 pm on April 11. Please see to register. #lambentdata #njtcVentureCon  

Please share this post, to spread the word! Lambent could also receive recognition and extra time on stage, through a NJ Tech Council social media contest that counts the number of mentions. Every post must include the following five items in any order, to be eligible: 1) #njtcVentureCon 2) #lambentdata 3) April 11 4) Venture Conference 2019  5)

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