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Lambent Data Presents Poster at National Conference

Lambent Data presented a poster at the 2022 Health Datapalooza and National Health Policy Conference during April 4-5, 2022. Lambent Data was selected for this honor. Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair was delighted to participate in the entire conference, including the poster session, talking enthusiastically with other participants.

The conference aim was to “harness and strengthen the synergies that exist between the data and policy worlds. The exciting, hybrid program offered innovative solutions to directly confront the challenges, opportunities, and threats facing U.S. health care.” Throughout the conference, many speakers and other participants powerfully addressed the importance of equity and social determinants of health. These themes resonate strongly with Lambent's work and impact.

Keynote speakers included leaders from healthcare systems, the federal administration, state governments, private companies, other nonprofit organizations, and others. Panel sessions and other networking enabled participants to engage in robust discussions.

Lambent’s poster extended 7 feet by 3 feet – and Kirsten also provided handouts with the poster material to those with whom she talked during the poster session and at other times during the conference.

The poster explained how the OurREACH™ collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics, equips healthcare and social service providers to engage families more fully. It empowers families to set and track goals and milestones, access resources and collaborate with providers on health and social determinants of health (e.g., housing, jobs, education), plus nurturing children and more. This collaboration between the patients and the providers’ front-line staff (e.g., social workers) can occur across over 100 languages. This customizable SaaS solution can connect with providers’ existing EHR and other case management tools. It boosts family outcomes, along with reducing costs and improving analytics for providers (key for healthcare value-based care). OurREACH™ generates new data and data analytics not previously available, about how individuals and families are trying to reach their goals and outcomes in many life arenas. This data is generated through patients/clients themselves.

OurREACH™ will help patients/clients reach better outcomes in health and the Social Determinants of Health. These better outcomes also will help hospitals financially. This is because preventive care and wellness (including better managing behavioral health & chronic conditions) translate to lower costs in value-based care.


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