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Lambent Data Presents at Angel Venture Fair

Building on its progress during the summer and fall, Lambent Data was selected to present at the in-person Angel Venture Fair on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at the Union League in Philadelphia. The event extended from 7:30 am - 3:00 pm. Each company had a display table so that attendees could go from table to table to talk with entrepreneurs. At the Lambent Data table, Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair and COO Kevin McClarren were delighted to talk with other attendees. The event had attracted over 170 registrants and people were glad to talk with Kirsten, Kevin, and other entrepreneurs in person.

In addition, Kirsten presented a 30 second overview to the entire audience near the beginning of the event and another during lunchtime, as did other entrepreneurs representing each company. She also pitched in a separate room for 15 minutes (10 minute pitch and 5 minutes of Q and A) to a smaller group of investors interested in healthcare and social impact.

Prior to the Fair, AVF organizer Marc Kramer had interviewed Kirsten and other AVF entrepreneurs in videos sent to potential attendees In Kirsten's video, she talks about the powerful impact and business aspects of Lambent, including the plans ahead. Please contact her at for more info!


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