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Intern Reflections Video Series Launched

Part of the core ethos of the founders and other executives of Lambent Data is the idea of engaging with the community in a variety of ways. Consequently, Lambent Data, since its founding, has developed a strong tradition of inviting Interns from universities in NJ, NY, and elsewhere to enjoy work experience within the company. These Interns bring their commitment to making a positive difference in the world, a diversity of thought, intellectual energy, and vibrant exchanges of ideas to the office roundtables, whether those roundtables are virtual or otherwise.

The Center for Career Development at Princeton University is one of the Princeton University departments that has worked alongside Lambent Data to facilitate Internships. This Center has referred exceptional interns to our company through its “Princeternship” and other programs. The latest group of outstanding Interns, whose formal “Princeternships” with the company included four weeks during December 2021 and January 2022, are studying a diversity of disciplines, including Computer Science, Sociology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Public and International Affairs. Several are also continuing to engage with Lambent. See more about the Winter '21-22 Interns here.

In February 2022, Lambent Data launched a three-part Intern Reflections series featuring winter Interns Liz Garcia, Lauren Maynard and Michelle Liu.

In the series kick-off, Liz Garcia, a first-year Princeton prospective Computer Science major, spoke of her work enhancing the OurREACH™ platform to equip healthcare and social service providers and empower families for improved outcomes -- and her excitement about a future career in the tech world. Lauren Maynard, a sophomore majoring in Sociology, talked about Lambent’s social impact and her work in user feedback/experience, provider outreach to family users, and product development. In the final installment of the series, Michelle Liu, a first-year prospective Computer Science major, spoke of her time implementing, testing, and refining technical features (such as push notifications) of the OurREACH™ collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics. They all also talked very positively about the teamwork and collegiality of their experiences. Please see the Intern Reflections series here.

The Intern Reflection videos were also posted on our social media pages, which can be found at the following links:

The Center for Career Development at Princeton University shared the first post of our Intern Reflection Series, featuring Liz Garcia, on its Facebook page, while also thanking Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair for her ongoing initiatives to provide work experience at Lambent Data to Princeton University students. See the attached photo for a screenshot of this post. We continue to be thankful to the Center and the Interns!

Lambent Data’s commitment to equipping healthcare and social service providers and empowering families is the cornerstone of our company’s mission. We're delighted and grateful for all the ways that Interns have helped to further this mission, while learning much in this process about entrepreneurship in a social impact company.


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