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WE Global Studios - Antares Capital Fellowship

Updated: Mar 2

We at Lambent Data are thrilled that our Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair has been chosen as a WE Global Studios - Antares Fellow!

Thanks so much to WE Global Studios and Antares Capital LP for this wonderful program highlighting outstanding women entrepreneurs making a powerful difference in the world while building strong businesses! We at Lambent are excited to equip healthcare and social service practitioners and the patients and clients they serve -- so that more children and families thrive in health and the social drivers of health such as housing, jobs, education, financial literacy, transportation, and more! These improved outcomes also reduce healthcare costs!

Thanks again very much for this program -- to those at WE Global Studios: Fernanda Carapinha, Eve Psalti, Stephanie Granato, Leighanne Neville, Dr. Leslie Knutson, Elena Alikhachkina, PhD, Gracie Yoon, and to those at Antares Capital: Mary Rose, Melissa Langsdorf, and Laura Schlickman!

See this LinkedIn post congratulating all the Fellows (and related photo below)

and this LinkedIn post highlighting Kirsten (and related photo below).

Thank you again to WE Global Studios and Antares Capital -- and congratulations to all the Fellows and best wishes ahead for their work!


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