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Undergrads Participate in an Exciting Time of Growth at Lambent

During a week in January of 2020, Lambent Data™ hosted five undergraduate students from Princeton and Rutgers to participate in an internship program during a significant time of development for Lambent Data. The four Princeton interns assisted through the Princeternship program, sponsored by the Princeton University Center for Career Development. Karla Soto Cuevas (Princeton ‘23), Sydney Dubin (Rutgers ‘21), Addele Hargenrader (Princeton '23), Yazan Mimi (Princeton ‘22), and Rachel Sylwester (Princeton ‘22) learned to navigate the fast-paced bustle of entrepreneurship in the dynamic workspace of Tigerlabs, where Lambent Data is located.

The interns utilized their different skills to create an enthusiastic and dedicated team that together contributed to developing and further designing the pilot prototype and related documentation for OurVisit™, a collaborative software platform and app to equip and empower healthcare and social service providers and the families they serve. They also helped create posters and other materials for interactions with potential investors. They worked daily with CEO and Co-founder Kirsten Hund Blair (Princeton ‘84) and CTO Vin Shelton (Princeton ‘80), who are very excited for the next steps.

Interns concluded the program by engaging in a Career Panel where they learned more about the team’s history, shared and asked questions relevant to their own pathways, and received inspiring advice on their career journeys. Panelists included Co-founder and Board Member Tom Amato (Princeton ‘67), Board Member Bob Lem (Princeton ‘67), and COO Kevin McClarren (Southeast Missouri State Univ. ‘89), as well as Hund Blair and Shelton.


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