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Thank You Summer '23 Interns!

We say a big thank you to our Summer ‘23 Interns: Audrey Chau (Princeton '25 – Customer & Investor Relations Analyst), Samantha Chen (Princeton '25 – Software Engineer & Analyst), Arika Hassan (Princeton '26 – Software Engineer & Analyst), Anh Huynh (Rutgers '25 – Communications & Design Analyst), and Isabelle Xiong (Duke '25 – Software Engineer & Analyst) for their enthusiasm and dedication this summer. They helped further refine Lambent's OurREACH™ HIPAA-compliant collaborative software platform & app with data analytics, as well as provided useful materials for communications with customer organizations and potential investors.

From left to right, top to bottom: Arika Hassan (Intern), Kirsten Hund Blair (Co-founder & CEO of Lambent Data), Kevin McClarren (President & COO of Lambent Data), Audrey Chau (Intern), Samantha Chen (Intern), Anh Huynh (Intern), Isabelle Xiong (Intern)

OurREACH™ is built to improve patient/client outcomes through providing granular data analytics never before available to providers. In order to further enhance this function, Interns have used SQL and other visualization tools to highlight key information that is relevant to our partners and iterate based on their feedback. They have also implemented an AI OurREACH™ Chatbot that will significantly extend our technological capacities to connect providers and families/individuals in-between visits, thereby helping to bridge existing gaps in the continuum of care.

OurREACH™ is powerful in its ability to engage healthcare providers and payors as well as social service organizations specializing in various care programs, thanks to numerous features that enable highly customized user experiences. These programs include pediatrics, Head Start/Early Head Start programs, programs for older teens, chronic condition management, among others. Interns have created several communication tools with use case examples to help us effectively communicate with these different customer groups. They have also worked on various materials regarding investor relations and research as we move into the next growth stage.

From left to right, top to bottom: Tom Amato (Co-founder, CFO & Board Secy./Treas.), Kirsten Hund Blair (Co-founder & CEO), Bob Lem (Board Member), Samantha Chen (Intern), Isabelle Xiong (Intern), Arika Hassan (Intern), Ed Greene (Advisor, Ed Greene Strategies), Audrey Chau (Intern), Joseph Studholme (Board Chair), John Robinson (Chief Tech Advisor), Kevin McClarren (President & COO), Anh Huynh (Intern)

All our Interns worked virtually, and the team stretched across a myriad of time zones, with members in locations stretching from the US to Vietnam. Despite this barrier, everyone communicated and collaborated closely through Zoom meetings, Slack, Canva, Google Suite, and other shared platforms. A weekly All-Team meeting of staff and Interns kept Interns up to date on the various projects on which their peers were working, and gave them an opportunity to receive feedback on their weekly deliverables. (See 1st photo.) Towards the end of the Internships, the Interns also met with a broader group of Board, Advisors, and staff. (See 2nd photo.)

Please visit and click on the tab "Summer 2023" to learn more about our amazing summer Interns. Thank you very much to the Princeton University Pace Center for Civic Engagement R.I.S.E. (Recognizing Inequities and Standing for Equality) program for facilitating the involvement of Arika and Samantha. We also appreciate Anh, Audrey, and Isabelle for taking the initiative to independently approach us about this internship opportunity.

And of course, a huge thank you to all our Summer ‘23 Interns. We greatly appreciate all their hard work while learning and contributing to Lambent’s mission of equipping and empowering providers and patients/clients to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.


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