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Thank You Summer '22 Interns!

We say a big thank you to our Summer ‘22 Interns: Hannah Chiou, Sung Cho, Olivia Elliott, Remi Fernandez, Carrie Huang, Mary Ma, Marcos Maldacena, Aliea Nallbani, Ketya Nop, Emma Seel, Alisha Shahriar, Klea Tryfoni, Sandy Zheng, and Tyler Ziesse! They have been enthusiastic and dedicated in their work. They have helped further refine Lambent's OurREACH™ HIPAA-compliant collaborative software platform & app, with data analytics, as well as prepare for roll-outs with customer organizations.

OurREACH™ is built to improve patient/client outcomes, which also leads to lower healthcare costs, crucial in preventive & value-based care. Interns have developed resource content and UI/UX to equip healthcare & social service providers to engage their patients/clients much more fully than previously, whether intensively or "light touch." They've worked to make OurREACH™ even more empowering for patients/clients for milestones and goals in many arenas of health & Social Determinants of Health, and to make the UI/UX engaging on a wide variety of devices, including iOs and Android phones, tablets and desktops. They have also worked on data analytics; because OurREACH™ is so granular for patients/clients, it also generates new data analytics never before available to providers, to use to improve their programs.

OurREACH™ can be used in over 100 languages, with its built-in translations. Interns have refined some of the translations and extended this language capability by developing instructional videos in English and Spanish. They have also created promotional materials in several languages. As we've headed into rolling out OurREACH™ to additional Early Adopter healthcare and social service organizations, Interns have been involved in extensive preparation for these roll-outs, including on how OurREACH™ fits into customer workflows, e.g., integrating with EHRs & CRMs. Some Interns have engaged in discussions and demos with our customers and potential customers, and others have been involved in other ways.

All our Interns were virtual, and the team stretched across a myriad of time zones, ranging from Cambodia to Washington State in the U.S., with other members in other locations stretching across the US, Spain, Greece, and Ecuador. Despite this barrier, everyone communicated and collaborated closely through Zoom meetings, Slack, Trello, Canva, Google Suite, and other shared platforms. A weekly All-Team meeting of staff and Interns engaged and kept Interns up to date on the various projects on which their peers were working.

Visit to learn more about our amazing summer Interns. Thank you very much to the Princeton University Pace Center for Civic Engagement R.I.S.E. (Recognizing Inequities and Standing for Equality) program and the Princeton University Center for Career Development for facilitating the involvement of Princeton Interns. Also, thank you to the Wellesley College Hive Internship Project program for providing Wellesley Interns with the opportunity to work with Lambent. And of course, a huge thank you to all our Summer ‘22 Interns. We greatly appreciate all their hard work while learning and contributing to Lambent’s mission of equipping and empowering providers and patients/clients to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.


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