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OurREACH™ Platform Extends Personalization of Care Plans via AI Integration

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Lambent Data, a healthcare and social service technology company, has announced the integration of Amazon Personalize's AI/ML solution into its OurREACH™ software platform. This integration enables providers and payors of healthcare and social services to develop even more personalized care plans for their patients and clients, and to do this with greater ease and accuracy.

This new integration builds upon and extends the personalization and action-orientation that have always been hallmarks of Lambent Data's OurREACH™ HIPAA-compliant, collaborative platform and app. With this new integration, OurREACH™ can now provide more targeted and relevant resource recommendations for patients and clients struggling with health and social drivers of health (SDoH) milestones such as housing, transportation, and food security. By incorporating Amazon Personalize's technology, Lambent Data enhances the accuracy and relevance of these recommendations. Along with many other features, this fosters strong user engagement and better outcomes for the patients and clients.

This integration aligns with Lambent Data's vision of leveraging cutting-edge technology to address the most pressing challenges facing healthcare and social services. The company is committed to developing innovative solutions that equip healthcare and social service providers and payors to deliver trusted, high-quality care to their patients and clients, including empowering those individuals and families for improved health and SDoH outcomes. These improved outcomes lead to reduced healthcare costs, such as reducing Emergency Room visits.

In addition to this integration, Lambent Data is working on other AI-powered solutions that will further enhance the platform's capabilities. The company is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare and social service technology, to deliver value to its enterprise customers and the individuals and families they serve.

Lambent Data’s OurREACH™ is a HIPAA-compliant, collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics and AI. OurREACH™ equips healthcare and social service providers and payors -- and empowers individuals and families in health and SDoHs -- to improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs. It extends current patient portals and connects with EHRs and CRMs for a smooth user experience for care team members and family participants; it can also stand alone. OurREACH™ is built to support and extend trust in the relationships between practitioners and family participants. Please visit to learn more.


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