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Lambent Data in Harvard Business School NVC Regional Showcase

Lambent Data team members enjoyed participating Feb. 4 in the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition Regional Showcase! As Lambent noted on social media in the preceding days, we've been excited to be accepted to this Showcase! During the event, Lambent's Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair, COO Kevin McClarren, and Advisor Stephen Ban were delighted to represent Lambent in talking with other participants in our virtual "room" -- answering questions and showing more about our work, traction, and impact. The event occurred on the Shindig platform. Thanks so much to the Harvard Business School Club of New York for hosting and organizing! After this event, companies will be chosen to advance to the Regional Finals. Many thanks to the Harvard Business School Rock Center of Entrepreneurship for the overall competition! #HBSNVC


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