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Lambent Data Presenting at Angel Venture Fair

The Lambent Data team is excited to be presenting October 30 in the 24th annual Angel Venture Fair, which is virtual this year.  Lambent Data is one of 34 companies noted as being among "America's Most Promising Companies," selected from over 150 applicants, by 85 judges narrowing them down to companies in a wide range of industries and business stages.  Each company pitches twice during two weeks.

Kirsten Hund Blair, Lambent's Co-founder and CEO, enthusiastically presented on October 16, 2020 and will present again at 1 pm Eastern on Friday, October 30. The format is ~10 minutes of presenting and ~5 minutes of live Q and A (including audience questions via Zoom Chat), skillfully moderated by the Angel Venture Fair's Executive Director, Marc Kramer, who is also the Executive Director of the Private Investors Forum. He and his colleagues Martin Sandgren, Ariel Kramer, Robyn Gilbert, and others have been working tirelessly to organize and market the Angel Venture Fair in a way that supports the entrepreneurs as well as the potential investors and others attending. This dedication has also been evident in the other gatherings organized and/or co-sponsored by the Angel Venture Fair during the course of the year, which now include various Zoom talks, panels, etc. We at Lambent Data are indeed grateful!

After her October 16 pitch, Kirsten was delighted to talk as follow-up with several people who had seen the presentation and wanted to learn more about Lambent Data's work and traction to launch the OurREACH collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics, to equip social service and healthcare providers and empower the families they serve. She also talked in detail with others who had not been able to attend, but had seen her listed.

To attend her October 30 presentation (and others during October 27-30), please Click Here for A Free Ticket: Angel Venture Fair. This link also includes a schedule of presenters. Please note that since this is a live event in which companies are presenting in sequence, the scheduled times (e.g. 1 pm Eastern for Lambent Data) are target times. When you register (which is free), an electronic book with detailed information on each company will be sent to you; the book also contains other valuable info. If the Registration link notes that tickets are sold out, please contact Kirsten at so that she can contact the organizers to inquire about extra tickets.

In his outreach, Marc has encouraged, "If you are an Angel Investor, Family Office, Corporate VC, traditional Venture Capitalist, or referral source, please take the time to support these companies by either making an investment or an introduction to another investor."

Many thanks to those of you who attended October 16 -- and to others for considering attending the October 30 event!


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