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Lambent Data Highlighted in Princeton Entrepreneurship Club Newsletter

We at Lambent Data are delighted to be one of four companies featured in the Princeton University Entrepreneurship Club's quarterly newsletter. This issue focuses on companies' responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, including an overview and detailed articles on each. Caren Ju, a rising junior at Princeton, interviewed Lambent Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair. This student-run club, the largest club at Princeton, emailed the newsletter on May 28, 2020 to students, alumni, and others interested in the club's activities. This was on the first day of the 2020 Reunions (held virtually this year!) of Princeton alumni. Please see the overview and the detail on Lambent, which seeks to improve child and family well-being through user-friendly software and data analytics, powerfully equipping social service providers, healthcare providers, and the families they serve as clients/patients. (Please note that any links pictured in the photos of the newsletter here are not "live links." Thanks.)

An excerpt: "The crisis has highlighted the importance of Lambent’s tool, as it provides remote ways to engage patients and their families and empowers people to manage their health by addressing both medical factors and non-medical obstacles. The “social determinants of health” have been illuminated by the pandemic. For example, housing conditions, low income, etc. impact chronic illnesses, which have been risk factors for how severely COVID-19 impacts patients. These and other issues of access make it clear that improved opportunities for people to manage their health and connect with providers will be critical moving forward."

The article also noted Lambent's "design prototype and active conversations with potential pilot venues" as well as being "encouraged by a new investor in mid-March, and are seeking further funding, which qualifies for the NJ Angel Investor Tax Credit."

Further excerpts:

"The crisis has underscored the Lambent team’s sense of commitment to their work... Their advice: be empathetic to how this is affecting people’s lives and families. Be aware of ways to be flexible and ways to be resilient, in the sense of not only modifying logistics, but also stretching to critical needs that have arisen."

"Shout out to the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council and Keller Center for their terrific responses in offering webinars and networking groups. The Princeton Center for Career Development has also been a great help, and the Princeton community as a whole has done well in adapting in the face of unexpected circumstances."


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