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Lambent Data and FULLFILL Announce Strategic Partnership

Updated: May 4, 2023

Princeton, NJ and Los Angeles, CA, May 1, 2023 -- FULLFILL, Inc. ("FULLFILL") and Lambent Data, Inc. (“Lambent”) have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking technology service aimed at improving the health and well-being of millions of people across the United States. The two companies have executed a strategic partnership agreement that will focus on enhancing adoption, retention, and outcomes for participants in wellness and health programs.

This dynamic collaboration will also involve integrating both companies' software platforms in programs with major healthcare networks and insurance companies. The partnership will leverage Lambent’s AI-powered HIPAA-compliant platform to enhance FULLFILL’s unlimited live coaching services and behavior change program, by providing personalized goals and resource recommendations to patients and clients facing health and social issues that hinder their well-being and progress towards milestones.

Both FULLFILL and Lambent are dedicated to high engagement of the patients/clients, which results in improved outcomes and reduced costs. The strategic partnership will enable scaling of these cutting-edge technology services, to transform the lives of millions of people.

"Working with FULLFILL marks a key step in Lambent Data’s commercial development of our OurREACH™ software platform, which is built for collaboration. FULLFILL’s live coaches will use OurREACH™ so that Lambent and FULLFILL together can serve even more customers working to improve the health and the lives of people in need." said Joseph Studholme, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Lambent Data and Executive-in-Residence at Princeton University. "This partnership underscores our commitment to bring advanced research and technology - including exciting developments in AI - in working with organizations to empower individuals and families to improve their health and Social Drivers of Health, and in the process also to help reduce healthcare costs.”

"FULLFILL is excited about extending our market reach through Lambent Data’s platform and network," said Steve Winshel, FULLFILL’s CEO and Co-founder. "We have a proven model of increasing long term program engagement and outcomes through our human coaching delivery platform in the context of FULLFILL’s evidence based behavior change program, and we believe that this model can dramatically improve health and other life outcomes when integrated with Lambent’s technology and the existing programs offered by their customers."

In Q3 2023, Lambent and FULLFILL will launch their integrated product. Organizations with an interest in participating in the early adopters program (limited availability until the end of Q2 2023) should contact or

About Lambent Data, Inc. Lambent Data ( is a Princeton-based advanced technology company with roots in behavioral health research. Lambent’s flagship product, OurREACH™, is a HIPAA-compliant collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics and AI. It equips healthcare and social service providers and payors to engage their patients/clients much more fully, whether intensively or "light touch," including “between visits” in a Continuum of Care. It's empowering for patients/clients with milestones/goals, integrated resources, and communication in health and Social Drivers of Health such as housing, education, jobs and financial literacy, along with parenting. Because it’s so granular for patients/clients, it also generates new data analytics never before available to providers and payors to improve programs. It fits into customer workflows, including integrating with EHRs and CRMs. Improved patient/client outcomes also lead to lower healthcare costs, crucial in preventive and value-based care. Lambent has been chosen to participate in several highly selective programs (e.g., 2021 MassChallenge Accelerator, SOCAP21 and SOCAP22 Entrepreneur Programs). Lambent’s management team, Board and Advisors are composed of leaders in healthcare, social services and business, who have led companies through multiple successful exits.

About FULLFILL, Inc. FULLFILL ( is a digital health company created to solve the intractable problem of achieving long-term engagement and clinically significant outcomes for chronic physical and mental conditions. By delivering unlimited, live human-to-human coaching augmented by AI-driven behavioral analysis, FULLFILL creates community, accountability, and support in the context of an evidence based program. The result is an extremely high percentage of participants staying engaged, gaining measurable improvements to health, and reducing costs. In a two-year Beta, 56% of program starters were successful at the 12 month mark, and 43% were engaged and maintaining significant clinical results at 24 months. FULLFILL is currently working with self-funded employers and is expanding to other populations including Medicare/MA and a wide range of underserved communities. The founders of FULLFILL previously created, grew, and exited an innovative company in this space; FULLFILL is their next-generation offering designed to improve the lives of tens of millions of people around the world.

FULLFILL - Lambent Data Updated Press Release 1May2023
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