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Boosting User Engagement and Family Outcomes

Lambent Data's OurREACH™ is transforming the way healthcare and social service providers engage with families to help families improve their outcomes. Despite the efforts of healthcare and social service organizations, major barriers for families and organizations remain for engagement and scaling. Achieving milestones can seem overwhelming for families juggling many difficulties. There also can be a lack of continuum for care between meetings, including because staff are stretched thin. In addition, current referral programs to community services still often lack the next steps of sustained engagement with the families who have been referred.

To address these challenges, Lambent Data has been coming alongside its customer organizations in engaging their families to improve outcomes in health and social drivers of health (SDoHs).

Leaders of social service organizations are highlighting the importance of Lambent’s OurREACH™ in helping their participants improve outcomes – and in helping the organizations to grow. Angela Ball, Executive Director of Hearts for Moms, explains, “The ability for our organization to have OurREACH™ is a game changer! We are seeing improvement in the moms’ outcomes and their user engagement. The moms are accomplishing milestones and developing healthier habits “in between” our meetings with them. And they say it’s easy to use!”

OurREACH™ has enhanced its detailed dashboards illustrating analytics, in which the customer organization’s care team members can see the progress that family participants are making in milestones spanning health and SDoHs. This enables the care team members to track progress and use other collaborative tools in the platform to encourage additional user engagement and improved outcomes. This can be done in a “light touch” or more intensive way, as OurREACH™ meshes with their workflows.

Ms. Ball notes, “OurREACH™ helps our care team members communicate with the moms and one another. The detailed reports allow us to adjust our programs as needed and share results with our funders, who are also excited about the moms’ progress. This facilitated recent additional funding to grow our programs further.”

Hearts for Moms is a Christian social service organization serving single mothers (from teens to 40 years old) and their families. It surrounds single moms with a team of leaders, coaches and resources to help them succeed. The single moms work to “Commit, Connect and Change” as they achieve milestones (personal, financial, educational, professional, spiritual or health), break cycles of poverty, and become self-sustainable.

Lambent Data’s OurREACH™ is a HIPAA-compliant, collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics and AI. OurREACH™ equips healthcare and social service providers and payors -- and empowers families in health and SDoHs -- to improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs. It extends current patient portals and connects with EHRs and CRMs for a smooth user experience for care team members and family participants; it can also stand alone. This research-based platform is very flexible for various customer settings, and can boost and scale various SDoH interventions of providers and payors, through the use of its AI-driven solutions and advanced analytics. OurREACH™ is built to support and extend trust in the relationships between practitioners and family participants. Please see to learn more.


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