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Our Team

Lauren Maynard

Communications & Product Management Analyst

Lauren Maynard

Sociology, Princeton '24

Lauren, Princeton '24, is majoring in Sociology. Following high school, she entered the behavioral health industry and the non-profit sector. Through this experience she realized that the well-intentioned system was challenged in addressing social issues. In her search for a creative solution, she enrolled in Saddleback College in California, earning her associate degree. She is part of the 4th cohort of Princeton U. transfer students and the 1st member of her family to attend college. The purpose of her time at Princeton is to build the necessary skills and network to lead large-scale social change, to engage her inner helper, and to transition into a career of service to society's most vulnerable. Currently, she's deciding how she will make the transition from working within an organization to working as a successful professional serving social impact organizations. Lambent Data is focusing her efforts on user engagement and in many other impactful positions. Through her involvement with Lambent, she looks forward to making a positive impact on underrepresented communities and organizations that utilize Lambent's OurREACH™ platform in the future.

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