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Our Team

Aliea Nallbani

Communications & Design Analyst

Aliea Nallbani

Media Arts & Sciences, Wellesley '24

Aliea, Wellesley '24, is majoring in Media Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. She is interested in studying the intersection between art and computer science, sustainable design, and human-computer interaction (HCI). Within HCI, she's particularly interested in generating more accessible designs, conducting heuristic evaluations to gain a deeper insight into user preferences, and developing user personas and workflow(s). At Wellesley, Aliea is a computer science TA and she works at the Babson College maker space. Outside of classes, she is a DJ and the Business Director for the college radio station WZLY. She is also a member of the squash team, a member of the literature society (Zeta Alpha) and of the co-op Café Hoop.

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