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To positively transform children's and adults' life outcomes, we've developed the OurREACHcollaborative software platform and app, with data analytics. 


OurREACH is a powerful engagement solution to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.  

Practitioners are seeking innovations for more creatively and fully engaging patients and clients.  Individuals and families are motivated to manage their health and obstacles to their health by better coordinating with their healthcare and social service providers, while the providers themselves recognize the opportunities and benefits of a seamless workflow supported by innovative technology, and the overall fiscal benefits to their practices and agencies.

We are able to integrate with Epic, Cerner and other Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, as well as Salesforce and other Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems for social service agencies. We do this through our integration with Redox, the leading interoperability platform.   

The OurREACH™ platform and app robustly engages patients/clients regarding health and social determinants of health (housing, jobs, education, financial literacy, and more), along with parenting resources. 


OurREACH™ facilitates value-based healthcare and social services while seeking to optimize life outcomes for individuals and families.  The need to address these issues is critical, as our communities continue to cope with COVID-19 and other challenges within the health landscape.


A Collaborative Technology Platform and App, with Data Analytics

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The OurREACH research-based collaboration software platform and app powerfully aligns healthcare and social service providers (administrators and front-line staff) and families with features to engage and empower parents and other patients/clients, improve outcomes, and reduce provider costs. Our tool extends case management and addresses both medical and social determinants of health.  

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Data analytics    OurREACH™ assists healthcare and social service  practitioners and other stakeholders, to improve child and family outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and facilitate programs' continuous improvement.

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