In order to transform children's and adults' outcomes, we are building out the OurVisit™ research-based collaboration software platform and app, with data analytics. 

A Collaborative Technology Platform and App, with Data Analytics

OurVisit™ research-based software powerfully aligns healthcare & social service providers (administrators & front-line practitioners) & families with shared communication, goal setting, resources & data analytics to engage & empower parents, improve outcomes & reduce provider costs. We are currently building out this initial product. 

Data analytics -- OurVisit™ will assist healthcare and social service practitioners and other stakeholders, to improve child and family outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and to facilitate programs' continuous improvement.


Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair was delighted to interact with others, including serving as a panelist for "Reimagining How We Deliver the Promise of Early Childhood Education" and displaying  OurVisit™ in the Innovator Studio, at the terrific 2019 Early Childhood Innovation Summit in Indianapolis, organized by the HeadStarter Network and the National Head Start Association. 


If you participated in the Summit and/or the related Head Start conference, please click on this survey to provide feedback! Thanks so much! 

Click here to learn more about the Summit on our News blog.

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