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Thank you Rem and Company team!

We say a big thank you to Rem and Company’s team members for their dedication to advancing our mission, on a volunteer basis, during Spring 2023: Thomas Coulouras, Kelih Henyo, Milica Maricic, Kate Park, and Christina Wu! The team was led by Audrey Chau with the support of several leadership members from the Princeton University chapter: Lauren Maynard (Chapter Chair), Sienna Byrne (Chapter President), and Declan Waters (Education Chair). Lauren previously served as one of Lambent’s interns during winter 2021-22 and in subsequent months. Rem and Company is a dynamic national organization of chapters of dedicated university student volunteers.

From left to right, top to bottom: Christina Wu (Junior Strategist), Audrey Chau (Team Lead), Milica Maricic (Junior Strategist), Kate Park (Junior Strategist), Kelih Henyo (Strategist), Thomas Coulouras (Strategist), Declan Waters (Leadership Member), Kirsten Hund Blair (Co-founder & CEO of Lambent Data), Kevin McClarren (President & COO of Lambent Data)

Over the span of 8 weeks, this group of strategists and junior strategists, all who are undergraduate students at Princeton University, was very enthusiastic and skilled. They were also devoted to highlighting the powerful impact of our HIPAA-compliant platform and app OurREACH™ – built to equip healthcare and social service providers and payors and to improve patient/client empowerment, leading to lowered healthcare costs and better outcomes.

The team connected with Lambent’s management team via Zoom meetings, Slack, Google docs, email, and other virtual ways to understand our business and build a solid framework to tackle priority areas (branding, fundraising, expansion). Every week, they conducted independent research and analysis to produce original deliverables, and timely incorporated Lambent leaders’ feedback to improve the quality of these documents. Their work throughout the semester culminated into a presentation to provide final recommendations as well as next steps that we can take in order to further Lambent’s work and impact.

OurREACH™ is an extremely agile platform with granular functionality that targets several different user groups within the healthcare and social services arenas. In order to help us highlight this value proposition, the team put together detailed customer persona profiles and mapped out how each group would specifically benefit from our services. Using promotional two-pagers for each customer group with a comprehensive overview section that the team created, we will now be able to more specifically target potential users within the breadth of our offerings. These meaningful, well-researched use cases demonstrate how OurREACH™ can be leveraged by social service providers, healthcare providers, and payors to engage their clients and patients for goal-setting and milestone-tracking activities that help improve quality of life and minimize costs.

They also identified ways to help us increase our online presence on various social media platforms through recommendations of best practices for an enterprise SaaS business.

The team also assisted with various other business aspects. These included financial analysis and visualizations of our financials. This also included identifying additional revenue sources, to diversify our revenue streams as we grow.

In addition, the team enhanced our expansion plans. With the ongoing database that the team compiled, consisting of regional community health centers and additional social service organizations that could benefit from OurREACH™, we plan to channel further outreach efforts.

We also want to thank Rem and Company, including the Princeton chapter, for putting together this resourceful team and staying engaged with us throughout the process. Rem and Company started as a social impact initiative offering free consulting services to businesses impacted by COVID-19. Their professionalism and dedication to uplifting businesses like ourselves means that more patients/clients, their families, and the healthcare/social service providers/payors engaging with them will be able to benefit from our solution, OurREACH™. This will result in better outcomes for the families, along with lower healthcare costs and other benefits for the providers and payors. Many thanks to the team once again for their unwavering diligence, creativity, and passion throughout the project!


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