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Lambent Data Offers Zoom Workshops to Social Service Organizations and Employers

Lambent Data is offering "Reaching My Goals" Interactive Zoom Workshops to non-profit organizations for their clients. Employers of low-income employees may also like to offer this workshop for their employees.

Attached is a flyer with more details. The Workshop is helpful for the range of social service agencies for which our OurREACH™ collaborative software platform and app, with data analytics, will be valuable. These include social services agencies with a case management and/or mentoring aspect as they work with individuals and families. The Workshop can also be adapted for employers to offer to their employees.

We look forward to continuing to work with organizations to offer these Workshops for their constituencies; we can adapt the scenarios, etc. to the situations of the people they serve.

During the Workshop, clients (or employees) learn from inspiring speakers about setting goals and milestones. Organizations gain valuable feedback from their clients/employees on their goals and milestones through the interactive Chat, Polls, and Word Cloud features. The participants and organizations also benefit from the Interactive Q & A Session.

There is no cost for these Workshops.

The Workshops are only one of several ways in which Lambent Data is coming alongside non-profits and employers. Others include coordinating for pilots later in 2020 of OurREACH™, which equips providers and empowers families in areas including housing, health, jobs, education and nurturing their children. Lambent is also working with the non-profit organizations to raise funds to facilitate the launch of the pilots.

Please contact Co-founder and CEO Kirsten Hund Blair at for more information on the Workshops, pilots, joint funding proposals with organizations, and/or investing in Lambent. Thanks very much.


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