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Cindy Lei Feb 2022 - Cindy Lei_edited_edited.jpg

Software Engineer & Analyst 

Civil & Environmental Engineering

 Princeton '24

Cindy Lei

Software Engineer & Analyst

Computer Science

Princeton '24

Jane Castleman

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IMG_6425 - Rishika Deshide_edited_edited.jpg

Rishika Deshide

Communications & Product Management Analyst

Public & International Affairs

Princeton '23


Jane C
Justin C
CAI_justin_2021 - Copy - Justin Cai (1)_edited_edited.jpg


Software Engineer & Analyst

Justin, Princeton '24, is concentrating in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. His interests lie in the applications of big data and machine learning techniques to geospatial analyses and environmental issues. He enjoys working with data science and data visualization, always probing ways to retrieve, process, analyze, and visualize data to better understand social issues. He also enjoys such activities as photography, graphic design, running, and backpacking.

IMG_7613 - Jane Castleman_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Software Engineer & Analyst

Jane, Princeton '24, is studying Computer Science with certificates in Environmental Studies and Technology and Society. She is interested in the application of computing to solve societal and environmental problems, while also leveraging principles of human-centered design to foster accessibility and inclusivity. Within computer science, she is interested in machine learning and user interface design, as well as theoretical concepts like computability and probability theory. At Princeton, she is a member of ResInDe - Research Innovation Design, Women's Rugby, and the Nassau Weekly.

IMG_6425 - Rishika Deshide_edited_edited.jpg


Communications & Product Management Analyst

Rish, Princeton '23, is majoring in the School of Public and International Affairs with certificates in Technology and Society and Statistics and Machine Learning. She's interested in studying national security policy, developmental politics, and decision-making science. She has experience working as a Congressional intern, campaign fellow, and intern for a healthcare venture capital firm. Rish is also interested in the nonprofit sector and has experience with multiple causes, from working with veterans to teens with Down syndrome to education equity. In her free time, Rish enjoys kickboxing, hiking, and learning new languages. 


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