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We mobilize collaborations

in healthcare and social service arenas,

to help families, children and practitioners. 


These collaborations leverage:

Lambent Data™ staff’s expertise 


* innovative, user-friendly software design and operational roll-out

* social services

* home healthcare management

* family/child well-being and education

* sophisticated data analysis in the healthcare field, e.g., re. behavioral health and opioids 

* consulting, e.g., understanding workflow

* finance and business development of IP

* accessing and utilizing private funding

Strong relationships with practitioners

* social service agencies

* healthcare providers

* early childhood educators and other entrepreneurs

* policymakers and other leaders in cross-sector innovation

Superb connections with Princeton University's professors, students, staff, and alumni


* outstanding researchers

* culture of collaboration across disciplines

* resources and networks for entrepreneurship

* grant-funded opportunities

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